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Martinsburg Composite Squadron - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. When are your meetings?
  2. How do I get directions to the meeting?
  3. How much does it cost to join CAP?
  4. How much do the uniforms cost?
  5. When was the squadron founded?
  6. Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Visitors are are welcome to attend our weekly meetings. We encourage prospective members to attend 2-3 meeetings before applying for membership. Our meeting schedule is as follows. (Schedule is subject to change, visitors should contact Maj Petty via the Contact Us and Directions page, prior to attending a meeting)

Cadet MeetingsUniformAgendaLocation
First TuesdayBDUsLeadership, testingCAP Hangar
Second TuesdayDress BluesCharacter Development, testingCAP Hangar
Third TuesdayBDUsAerospace, testingCAP Hangar
Fourth TuesdayCivviesPhysical FitnessAir National Guard Base
Fifth TuesdayTBATBATBA
Senior Member MeetingsUniformAgendaLocation
First ThursdayGolf ShirtWill be announced week of meetingCAP Hangar
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Directions to our meetings are available on our Directions page. (Back to FAQ List)

CAP provides uniforms to cadets at no charge. They do have to purchase their ranks and insignia, at a cost of $25-$35. Senior Members (Adults) must purchase their uniforms. The basic Senior Member "golf shirt" uniform consists of a polo shirt that costs less than $39, and the rest of the uniform can be assembled from clothing you might already have - grey trousers, black business shoes, socks and belt. (Back to FAQ List)

The Martinsburg Composite Squadron was founded in 1943. Mr. T. Guy Reynolds was the original commander of the Martinsburg Squadron. In 1943, we held our meetings in a room at the Martinsburg High School. (Back to FAQ List)

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